Biosfera Locarno


In the heart of Locarno, between the natural wonders of the mountains and the waters of Lake Maggiore, stands proudly the new sanctuary of sustainability: 'Biosfera'. This is not just an organic and vegetarian food shop, but a true tribute to the earth and ecology.
Pietro Leemann, the renowned chef who has spread the essence of vegetarian cuisine around the world, has joined forces with his daughter Vera to take this vision forward. Although their origins are not just here, their commitment to the ecosystem and deep connection to the local area are the very essence of Biosfera. Raised with an awareness of the importance of 0 km products and environmental sustainability, they share not only a blood bond, but also a philosophy of life based on responsibility towards nature. This is why Biosfera is not just a shop, but a meeting point where carefully selected organic products represent the history of an area and a commitment to a better future. Every choice, every item harvested from these lands, represents the commitment of a family that embraces ecology, nourishing not only the bodies but also the minds and hearts of those who cross Biosfera's threshold.


  • Food and wine