Bosco Sacro di Mergugno Forest Reserve


The Bosco Sacro di Mergugno Forest Reserve is situated above Brissago, on the slopes of the Ghiridone (2,188 m a.s.l.), a mountain that rises imposingly over Lake Maggiore. At the centre of this reserve, a real gem of the southern Alps, is the mountain laburnum wood. Seeing the mountain laburnum in flower is truly unmissable. It is no coincidence that the wood is nicknamed “golden rain” in the late spring and early summer. However, please note that the beautiful, scented yellow flowers are poisonous.

In summary:

  • Area: 102 hectares
  • Altitude: 800-1,700 m a.s.l.
  • Main species: mountain laburnum, beech
  • Year of institution: 2008
  • Owners: Patriziato di Brissago and privately owned.


  • Period: all year. The best moment is June, when the mountain laburnum blooms.
  • The Bosco Sacro di Mergugno Forest Reserve can be easily visited along the path that from Mount Mergugno (1,037 m a.s.l.) rises towards the Rifugio Al legn (1,785 m a.s.l.).
  • It is recommended to follow the marked trail. With heavy snow, access is not recommended.



  • Eco-friendly


  • Natural parks