Casa Serodine


On the small square next to the Church of SS. Pietro e Paolo stands Casa Serodine. The three-storey building from 1620 has a façade divided by three bands clearly delineated by cornices indicating the three orders.
The sides of the building are narrowed by large protruding corner stones that turn into slender pilasters on the upper floors, crowned on the main floor by capitals in pseudo-Ionic style.
Large eagles are perched on the architraves of the windows. Above the portal is a plaque with an inscription and date (1620) with the family coat of arms supported by two naked youths. Other heraldic elements of the coat of arms punctuate the façade, according to the typically Roman custom later greatly developed by Borromini (1599-1667), an architect originally from Bissone.
The fine stuccoes decorating the façade are the work of Giovanni Battista Serodine, son of Cristoforo, owner of the palace, and brother of the painter Giovanni.
On the side facing the lake, two allegorical graffiti show a winged female figure (Victory?) and an armed warrior holding a Victory.
Casa Serodine was restored in 1968.