Description of the itinerary:


From the centre of Brissago a mountain road will take you (through Incella) to the small village of Mergugno ( 1060 m .), where it is also possible to park the car. From the parking a well-marked path through the woods will lead you to the Al Legn cabin ( 1860 m .), from where you can enjoy a marvellous view over Lake Maggiore.
The path continues until Bocchetta di Valle (1948m.): from here it is also possible to walk down to the Centovalli valley and reach Bordei or Palagnedra (possibility to stay overnight, train stop) - this path is quite steep. If you continue upwards, towards the crest, the route will become a little more difficult, until you reach the crest. In a short time you arrive at the big cross, which marks the top of the Ghiridone ( 2188 m . high). The return takes place on the same path.
It is possible to walk to the Al Legn cabin starting from Cortaccio: you will arrive there by car from Brissago via Piodina.


Requested time: approx. 3 1/2 h. (only one way)