Giro di Comino

Winter walking hikes in our region.
Description of the Itinerary:


From Intragna, following the main road in direction Camedo, beyond the grotto "Du Rii" are the first steps of the way which takes you up to Calezzo. From Calezzo, continue on the forest path and the historical path (see also sheet "Via del Mercato") to the small settlement of Slögna and here turn right towards Comino. Allow approximately 1 hour to reach Comino. From Comino the trail takes you to the Madonna della Segna's church, dated 1647, a meaningful place of worship for the locals for centuries. The first chapel dates back of year 1200. Behind this oratory is one of Centovalli's natural highlights, the Pian Segna's peat bog, listed among Switzerland's most important wet zones (marshes). This peat bog has a surface of a hectare and is characterized by typical marsh and swamps environments, like for example a particular kind of moss which can absorb very large quantities of water. Please be advised that during the winter, due to the high altitude (1166 m.), the peat bog might be covered by snow. Here, taking a different and quite winding trail (mule track), starts the descent to the beautiful small village of Verdasio. From Verdasio, heading downhill you reach the lower stations of the Comino and Rasa cable-cars and the Centovallina's train station.


Requested time: approx. 5 h.