Gresso - Passo della Bassa - Gresso

Description of the itinerary:

From Gresso in Valle Onsernone (Onsernone Valley 999 masl) climb along the ridge in the direction of Pian della Crosa  (Crosa Plane 1370 masl), a wonderful headland from where there is a beautiful view over Valle di Vergeletto (Vergeletto Valley). Near the wood there is an old bank: right there starts the path (the left one) that along the ridge guides you to Bisadelle (about 1560 masl) and to the  refuge of Alpe Bassa (Bassa Alp1744 masl). Follow the signed path and reach Passo della Bassa (Bassa Pass1804 masl).
Return to Gresso by the same way or descend towards  Monte (1467 masl) and Pesceregada (1310 masl). From there you can quickly reach the excursion starting point. From Passo della Bassa (Bassa Pass) you can also continue in the direction of Passo della Maggia (Maggia Pass), Pino, Passo della Garina (Garina Pass), Loco and finally Auressio.

Requested time: approx. 2 h. 30



  • Alpine lakes