Gridone Skitouring (Monte Limidario) - 2188 m


Ascent route:

From Brissago, follow the main road that passes through Rovere, 900 m until you reach the torrent above Mergugno. Go in the W-SW direction on a trail and then through a sparsely wooded area up a slope to an altitude of 1220.2. Follow the low ridge up to Margozzone and then on very steep terrain you'll reach Alpe Arolgia, 1740 m. Continue in the SW direction on the wide crest that must be followed up to about 1900 m. Now cross the SE side of the Fumadigh and after a slight uphill slope you’ll reach the Bocchetta di Valle, 1948 m. Continue close to the crest up to an altitude of 2138. From here follow the SW crest of the Gridone, in the end you can reach the summit on foot. Usually, skis must be left below an altitude of 2138 m. Above Alpe Arolgia at 1785 m there is the Al Legn Mountain Hut of Friends of the Mountain, Brissago.

Observations: on the final crest watch out for the narrow ledges. This hike must only be undertaken if there is enough snow and if snow conditions are safe.

Descent route: trace back your steps on the same itinerary followed uphill.

Elevation difference: 1160 m
Length: 4.30 hours
Start at: Mergugno, 1037 m
Exposure: NE sector
CNS: 1332

Excerpt from the book Ski Alpinism in Switzerland, edited by Fritz Gansser