Intragna - Loco - Cavigliano

Description of the itinerary:


From Pila - which can be reached in a 40 minute walk or by cable car in 4 minutes - follow the ancient mule track through woods and the small villages of Vosa and Vosa di dentro leading you just above the gorges of the Isorno river. Cross the footbridge and continue up towards Niva and Loco. Worth a visit is the old village mill in Loco (still in operation) and the local museum.
To return to Intragna it is possible to use public transports (train and bus); for those who want to continue walking they need to follow the road and mule tracks towards Auressio, typical Onsernone village. From Auressio continue towards Pignò and then Cresmino (possible to catch the bus here too); from Cresmino you can either follow the road towards Cavigliano or walk along a path down towards Intragna.


Requested time: approx. 4 1/2 h.



  • Alpine lakes