Loco - Monte Salmone - Loco

Description of the itinerary:

From Loco, in Valle Onsernone (Onsernone Valley - 678 masl), follow the path near the parochial church and climb along the small Rii del Vö Valley. Along the way pass by Sasiel (747 masl) and Ighelon (834 masl). Walk through the meadows of Cortascio, Campo and reach Passo della Garina (Garina Pass 1076 masl). Until here this is and excursion for the whole family, but from here on it gets harder.  Before the great plane where you are standing there is a signed path that along the ridge that separates Valle Onsernone (Onsernone Valley) from Valle Maggia (Maggia Valley) passes by Legunc (1244 masl), Forcola and Pizen (1537 masl). Climb along the rest of the path and finally reach the mount, from where there is an incredible panorama over the whole region of Lago Maggiore (Lake Maggiore). Return along the same path. Just after Passo della Garina (Garina Pass) you can also turn left and walk in the direction of Mulegn, Pedesen, Urbiell, Ferreria and finally Auressio.

Requested time: approx. 3 h.(only for the climb)