Oratorio Beata Vergine del Ponte o "della Rovana"


The oratory of the Beata Vergine del Ponte, also known as the "Rovana oratory", is located in Rovana, on the outskirts of Cevio, towards the Campo valley, not far from a humpback bridge. It was built at the request of the Franzoni family in 1651, probably as part of a vow, and later enlarged and modified.
A large portico with three arches precedes the chapel. The interior is entered through a beautiful wooden portal. The rich stucco and fresco decoration from the Baroque period, restored in 1952 by Carlo Respini, can be seen. The walls and vaults are entirely covered with angels, still lifes, scrolls and festoons, including the emblem of the Franzoni family.
The stuccos were made by anonymous local craftsmen, while the frescoes are the work of Isidoro Bianchi of Campione. The frescoes depict episodes from the life of the Virgin and St. John.
There are two side chapels, dating from the early 18th century, dedicated to St. Joseph and St. Anthony.

Open from Easter to the end of October.