Piano di Magadino Park


The 2,350 hectares Piano di Magadino Park is an open space and a productive landscape between the urban areas of Bellinzona and Locarno, a place where agriculture, nature and recreation coexist and strengthen each other.

The park includes agricultural land and natural spaces (including a marshland of national importance) and extends along the course of the Ticino river for nearly 11 km, with an average width of about 2 km. Over 70% of the park area is dedicated to agriculture, thus making this one of the most important areas in the region for this primary sector of the economy.

From the point of view of the environment, the plain is considered an important strategic hub for biodiversity in Ticino, thanks to the large areas of marshland (including the Bolle di Magadino) which are a habitat for many different species including the reed warbler and the great crested newt, and also because of its vast agricultural landscape, home to species of birds that are becoming more and more rare, like lapwings and owls.

The site holds a great deal of potential to be an excellent place for leisure activities as it is quite flat, close to two big towns and easily accessible by bike, public transport or on foot. There are many areas that could be used for recreational and sporting activities, and an extension of those areas is planned to conclude the construction work for the park. Over the next few years the cycling and walking networks will also be extended.



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