Pizzo Leone

Description of the itinerary:


From the parking area above Porera ( 1100 m .) (reachable from Gruppaldo, locality between Arcegno and Ronco s/A), follow the road (closed to the traffic) direction west, until the little church in Pozzuolo ( 1181 m .); from here follow the path near the road (which ends not very far away) until near Casone.
From here a path returns to Corona dei Pinci ( 1293 m .), a good alternative for the way back, while another descends to Dorca and Rasa in the Centovalli valley. Our itinerary follows instead west, towards Alpe di Naccio ( 1395 m .), and then upwards to the crest and the cross. From this point you can enjoy an enchanting panorama. The path goes a little uphill following the crest, almost flat, until the last stroke under Pizzo Leone ( 1659 m .).
The way back is the same as the way up. The diversion to Corona dei Pinci is very interesting, and is described in the itinerary n° 13.


Requested time: approx. 2 1/2 h.