Pizzo Ruscada

Description of the itinerary:

Excursion along the ridge between the Centovalli and Onsernone valleys: this excursion requires good physical preparation and appropriate equipment. From Comino - which can be reached by cable car from Verdasio - go up towards the church of Madonna della Segna ; from this point continue towards Pianascio, where the Alps and Prealps can be admired all around. The path then takes you down towards Pescia Longa and then up towards Corte Nuovo. While following the ridge the path goes up towards Pizzo Ruscada - it requires some effort but this on a very clearly marked path. Another possibility is getting to the top by going through Capello ne; this option requires less effort but lengthens the walk. The top will offer you a splendid view over the Alps and the Mont Blanc, the St. Gotthard massif, the Prealps and in the distance over Lake Maggiore. Return to be done on the same path as on the way up (possibility of coming down through Borgnone and Camedo but this along an unfriendly and difficult path).

Requested time: approx. 3 1/2 h.