Spruga - Alpe Casone - Spruga (Riserva forestale Valle Onsernone)

Description of the itinerary:

In 2003 was finished the path that nowadays allows you to visit interesting places located along the natural reserve of Valle Onsernone (Onsernone Valley). For this excursion dress yourself with a normal mountain equipment. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you not to leave the signed path.
To reach the Spruga Reserve (1113 masl) on top of Valle Onsernone (Onsernone Valley) you have to start the excursion from the main parking place of Spurga. Walk in the direction of Bagni Craveggia (Craveggia Baths) and a few hundred meters after the barrier turn right, descend towards Fiume Isorno (Isorno River) and cross the Al Tecc dal Böcc bridge (900 msm). The bridge of the XVIII century was destroyed by the flood of 1978. Don't miss the chance to admire the magnificent and clear pools of the river. 
Continue the excursion and enter into a new and humid world full of shadows and lichens hanging from the trees: you have just reached the forest reserve. Climb in the direction of Abetina (1080 masl), an area of the reserve where you can admire silver firs. Continue towards Alpe Casone (Casone Alp 1379 masl), nowadays property of Patriziato Generale d'Onsernone (Onsernone General Patriciate). From there you can admire the panorama over the opposite valley: the villages from Spurga to Crana, the mounts and the Italian Valle dei Bagni (Bagni Valley). The alp is not part of the reserve. Walk in the direction of Montagnette (1492 masl) and see amazing roots of trees fallen many years ago.
You can return walking along the same path.

Requested time: approx. 6 h.



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