Teatro dei Fauni


The "Teatro dei Fauni" was created in 1986. It is led by Santuzza Oberholzer with actors and performers taking part in the productions. Our experience and research has shown that a puppet theatre is the best medium to make ancient myths and fairytales appealing to the public.

These stories with their archetypical characters, full of symbols and poetry, relate to contemporary subject matters. We give special attention to the female roles, which are often neglected in traditional theatre.
Performances in: Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Iran, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Cuba, Canada, Madagascar, Turkey.

The "Teatro dei Fauni" is a member of: TASI, ASTEJ, UNIMA, KTV.
The activity is performances in theaters and school, rheater in public places and animations, courses and workshops for Adults and children on expressive techniques for acting and the puppet theater, seminars for teachers in order to integrate theater and puppets into education.