Via delle Vose (Loco-Intragna)

The Via delle Vose, listed in the cultural heritage inventory as one of Switzerlands historic thoroughfares, follows the footsteps of the Onsernone Valle’s farmers, who, in the Middle Ages, walked down this ancient muletrack to reach the bottom of the valley and further the port of Ascona and the Locarno Market. Allowing all commercial exchanges, this access was of great economic importance; from the export of straw products for the European Market (‘500) to the importation of cereals and salt for the various villages in the Onsernone Valley.

Starting out from Loco, where the Onsernonese Museum and the  handicraft workshop Pagliarte (straw art craft) are located, one passes through the hamlets of Niva and Vosa, which are lined with traditional  stepped buildings with dry construction walls. In Niva, close to the river Isorno, there is a sixteenth century hand-lever for pressing grapes to be noticed as well as the terraced vine yards, from which an exclusive biological wine is produced. At the end of the itinerary one reaches the village of Intragna.


Starting point: Loco

Arrival with public transport (stop/station) : PostBus to the Onsernone Valley (Line 324, stop Loco)

Altitude: 678 m


Destination: Intragna

Arrival with public transport (stop/station) : Centovalli-Railway  (stop Intragna)

Altitude: 366 m



Length: 6.00 km

Natural surface trail (no asphalt): 6.00 km

Vertical heigth: 312 m

Height difference ascending: 355 m

Height difference descending: 710 m

Time required: 2-4h

Level technical difficulty: Easy

Physical condition difficulty level: Easy