Wine cellar "ai Portici"


The wine cellar is located in a wonderful house from the 17th Century in the old part of the village Gordola, called Sottocareggio.

The ancestors of Marco Borradori produced their wine for decades in this cellar. At first only for their own consumption, which at that time was quite common among families from the Ticino. Even today there are many families still producing their own wine.

In 1992 Marco decided to open the Cantina ai Portici to a broader public and for the first time he openly presented his wines: the Bisbiglio, the Bacio d’amore and the Nostrano. His product array has been extended later by the Aramis and the Elisa. To produce the wine, old traditions taken over by his fathers are combined with modern and environment friendly technology. The Merlot, Chardonnay and Bondola grapes all originate from the self-owned vineyards and are being picked from twenty year old vines.

The vineyards are situated on sunny hills of Gordola, the home town of the Cantina ai Portici. The perfect location and the optimal composition of the ground form the wonderful character and add a special zest to the wine. Besides the very tasteful grapes, the Cantina itself with its natural environment forms the perfect place for the vine to become a real treat. The thick stony walls make sure that the temperature remains the same during the whole year and the natural humidity inside the wine cellar further assists the wine during its maturity.

And all of this in a wonderful wine cellar with it's arches (in Italian: portici) that were typical elements of the 17th century architecture in the southern part of Switzerland and Italy.

Beautiful house from the 17en century with 2 apartments with ever 4 beds, as well as 1 Rustico (for 2 persons) generally speaking garden of property.

Wine cellar with direct sales.

On reservation execution Degustationen and other Evente in the Grotto. Place for max. 25 persons.

  • yes - accommodation and lodging
  • yes - gastronomy
  • yes - direct sales


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