Winter hike along the lake from Tenero to Ascona


Beautiful winter walk along the Lake Maggiore from Tenero to Ascona. Stroll, pause, discover and enjoy the unique Mediterranean atmosphere. The Rivapiana is a flat walk and ideal in any winter weather.

A wonderful walk to soak up the sun and enjoy the winter in the Mediterranean ambience of Ascona-Locarno. The entire route is about 16 km, but the length can be shortened individually. In Tenero, the path leads past the lakeside campsites, which are closed in winter but open to the public (25 October - 25 March). An enchanting setting with a view of the white-powdered mountains circling Lake Maggiore, on which thousands of diamonds glitter in the sunshine. Time for a short break? Further on, in the direction of Locarno, there is the “Cà di ferro”, a former barracks, the pretty little church of San Quirico and numerous small sandy beaches where it is worth taking a short break to enjoy the view and the peace and quiet. If you want to warm up your cold hands with a hot drink or just sit in the sun for a moment, you will find various restaurants along the route to do so. In Locarno, even in winter, you will come across camellias whose blossoms magnificently adorn the landscape with splashes of colour. As you pass by, you can take a short detour to the camellia park before continuing along the Maggia river to Ascona. The path leads past the Golf Ascona, an 18-hole golf course where golf can be played all year round. This extensive and very beautiful walk ends on the picturesque lake promenade of Ascona. But here, at the latest, you really deserve a hot chocolate or an aperitif with a view of the lake and the Brissago Islands.