Parks and gardens at Lago Maggiore

Visit our botanical gardens and discover the typical flora of Lake Maggiore.

Parks and gardens at Lago Maggiore

The Mediterranean climate of the Lake Maggiore region favors a thriving flora and green areas: ideal places to relax, walk or simply enjoy the blossom time.

The park is a meeting place for people of all ages: walks, picnics, pure relaxation, fun and games are typical moments of a nature-immersed holiday. 

Whether you are a lover of nature or not, you will be surprised by the beauty and variety of our botanical gardens. The park of the Brissago Islands is a unique example: in the middle of Lake Maggiore lies a small extraordinary subtropical paradise. The Camellia Park is instead located along Lake Maggiore, in Locarno, where it houses more than 900 species of this beautiful flower. On the other side of the lake, on the Gambarogno Riviera, you will find another botanical treasure with the world’s largest collection of magnolias (more than 400).

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