Red Bull Dual Ascent

Since 2022, a worldwide unique climbing event has been taking place at the famous Verzasca Dam in Vogorno. 24 of the world’s best climbers compete in the Red Bull Dual Ascent in teams of two, on two identical routs right next to each other, each consisting of six pitches and 180 meters of climbing. An exciting head-to-head competition for athletes and spectators alike in a picturesque natural landscape at the entrance to the Verzasca Valley.

  • Verzasca Dam

  • The imposing structure that creates Lago di Vogorno became famous in 1995 after James Bond jumped from the 220-metre-high dam attached to a bungee cord in the opening scene of the film James Bond GoldenEye. Today, brave people can follow 007's example and try the GoldenEye bungee jump.

Only a stone's throw from the Mediterranean lake promenade of Lake Maggiore is the Verzasca Valley, nestled in an impressive mountain world. The valley attracts many guests every summer, especially because of the river of the same name, which captivates with its extreme colours. Due to the unique quality of the rock in the Ascona-Locarno region and the countless climbing and bouldering routes, the valley is also popular with climbers and boulderers. Thanks to the mild climate all year round, the world's best boulderers meet here mainly in the winter months to benefit from excellent training conditions. Reason enough for Red Bull to launch a typical Red Bull event in this perfect setting: extreme, spectacular, one-of-a-kind!

  • Red Bull TV

  • Watch the Red Bull Dual Ascent finals on Red Bull TV. Download the Red Bull TV app for free and be there for this trilling climbing competition.

24 athletes of the international climbing elite are invited by Red Bull to attend this adrenaline-packed event. 12 mixed teams are formed, which compete in a head-to-head race on identical routes. With its six pitches and 180 meters, it is the world’s longest artificial route – typically Red Bull. To add a little more excitement, the route will be climbed “redpoint”, which means it is the first time the climbers try the route. Within the team, climbing takes place alternately in the lead and the follow. Unlimited numbers of falls are allowed, but if they do fall, they start at that same pitch again. If both teams complete all pitches, the total time to complete the route will determine the winning team. Climbing up the Verzasca Dam wall is definitely not for the faint-hearted! We are curious to see which team will hold their nerve best this year and conquer this dizzying wall the fastest.

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