Sport and wellness in Maggia Valley & Verzasca Valley

A trip to either the Verzasca or Maggia Valley will surely be on your “to do list”: but have you ever considered seeing both at the same time and in an “alternative” manner? Consider this

Sport and wellness in Maggia Valley & Verzasca Valley

D1 - Maggia & the Alpe Masnée mountain hut

Your adventure starts in Maggia in the Maggia Valley. Get to know the village a little before setting off. You could, for example, visit the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie to see its exceptional frescoes and paintings, see the Parish Church of San Maurizio or pop into the Casa Martinelli boutique hotel complex. Or simply sit back and people watch.

There is a certain energy in Maggia: although apparently a typical rural village, it has a somewhat urban atmosphere due to it being so close to Locarno. Grab a coffee and then follow the signs to Masnée. You follow a trail that takes you into woods and across mountain pastures, gently winding its way through one of the most beautiful valleys in the area: the Valle del Salto. Here you will come across a fine late medieval church, superb vineyards, awe-inspiring waterfalls... just one surprise after another. Allow about 5 hours to reach the Alpe Masnée mountain hut (2000 metres above sea level). Sitting amongst a delightful huddle of old barns and pens once used for stock rearing, this comfortable refuge provides all you need for a good night’s rest. Although you might be feeling tired after the day’s hike, the complete silence, the fresh air and the vast sense of space will fill you with joy and serenity. Rightly proud of having reached your destination, grab a shower and then enjoy your evening meal. No doubt you will want to share the emotions of your day with others. Indulge in this phenomenal sense of wellbeing!

D2 - Alpe Masnée & Brione Verzasca

The day starts early in the mountains and so we would encourage you to get up in good time to watch the dawn from a mountain top. An indescribable experience. Back on the trail, you head for the other side of the mountain and the next destination: Brione Verzasca.

Tip: not too far from the mountain hut is a beautiful alpine lake, sitting in a spectacular position. The Starlarèsc lake is renowned for its special inhabitants, a very rare variety of alpine newt. You then continue towards the Alpe di Sgiòf and the Piano del Vald before descending to Ganne and reaching Brione Verzasca. This village appears in the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites due to its charm and particular characteristics. There are two buildings of historical importance here: the Castello Marcacci and the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Spend the rest of your time exploring the valley, north and south, on foot or by public transport. If, however, you need to recover your energy, explore the valley another time and simply relax, perhaps with a bracing dip in the Verzasca river!

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