Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

Discover the loveliest parts of Switzerland in eight stages. The amazing train journey through the Centovalli to Locarno takes you into a seemingly surreal world.

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

Travelling by train allows you not only to get from A to B, but also to familiarise yourself with a region. What could be nicer than looking out of the window and losing yourself in thought?

A spectacular train trip on the Centovallina through the mystical Centovalli. Legends become reality in this long, sinuous valley, while the unique nature of the landscape and the villages is a source of endless fascination. The journey leads through countless deep gorges, over high bridges and into colourful woodland.

The Centovalli was once a popular smuggling route for traders. Today the "valley of a hundred valleys" enchants visitors with wonderful scenery. Countless gorges and waterfalls, dizzyingly high bridges, woods resplendent in autumnal colours and little villages lend the valley its special charm. Passengers face a certain amount of jolting and jerking during the two-hour or so trip on the Centovallina due to the many bends, but this is more than made up for by the ambience in the carriage and the view out of the window.

With a bit of luck, the nice lady with the trolley will come along with coffee and snacks. You can break your journey here and there to visit places of interest, such as Intragna, which has the tallest church tower in Ticino, or the Casa del Clown in Verscio, the school of clowning founded by Dimitri, a famous exponent of that art form. What's more, all the Centovalli Express trains offer a free virtual guide containing more information about this fascinating valley.

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