Grand Tour of Switzerland

On the Grand Tour of Switzerland, the journey is the goal. This route will lead you 1000 miles through four language regions, over five Alpine passes, to eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as two biospheres and along 22 lakes. Motorways on the Grand Tour are chiefly avoided and taken only if it makes traffic-sense.

Grand Tour of Switzerland

The Grand Tour of Switzerland is mainly conceived for cars and motorbikes, but a variation of the tour – the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland – combines the best rail itineraries with fascinating panoramas. Furthermore, the Grand Tour of Switzerland is the world’s first road trip for e-cars! Around 300 charging stations guarantee power for the whole itinerary of over 1000 miles.

Four sections of the Grand Tour are located within the splendid lake Maggiore region: Ascona, Locarno, Piazzogna and the various valleys. The visit will go from mountains to the lake while discovering historical buildings, botanical gardens, islands and walks along the shores of the Lake Maggiore.

This will make you want to stay for a longer period. Take your souvenir photo at the photo spots without forgetting to share it on social media with the hashtags #myasconalocarno #INLOVEWITHSWITZERLAND #SwissGrandTour.
Please note that during the JazzAscona (late June/early July) and during the Christmas period, the Ascona photo spot is not accessible.
Further, the Centovalli Railway journey is an excellent alternative to complete the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

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