Partnership between Ascona-Locarno and HC Ambrì-Piotta

Ascona-Locarno became official holiday destination of the HC Ambrì-Piotta ice hockey team


This partnership finds the Upper Ticino moving even closer to Lake Maggiore and uniting the mountainous Leventina with the Mediterranean charm of Ascona's lakeside promenade. A highly promising venture – and the perfect combination: after a thrilling game at HC Ambrì-Piotta's Gottardo Arena indoor sporting arena, relaxing on Lake Maggiore in readiness for the next one.

In their fight for valuable points on the ice, the HC Ambrì-Piotta players are very focused – some might even say fierce and lacking in social graces.

But what do these tough guys do when they're not on the ice? Whenever possible, they get away from it all in their favourite haunts and bask in the Ticino's dolce vita. Why on Lake Maggiore exactly? Because the lake, the palm trees, the warmth of the sun and the good food conjure up a holiday-like atmosphere. And it's hard to resist a holiday… So do like the professionals and take a break in Ascona-Locarno!

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