Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is the ideal destination for your holiday in Ticino: with 2,300 hours of sunshine every year and towns that boast plenty of Mediterranean charm.

Lake Maggiore, also known as Verbano, is a lake that straddles the canton of Ticino, Piedmont and Lombardy. With a surface area of 212km2, a length of 64.37km and an average width of 5km, it is the largest of the lakes in the area, from which it also gets its name “maggiore” or “greater”. Its perimeter is 170km.

Located at 193 metres above sea level with a maximum depth of 372m, Lake Maggiore is the lowest point in all of Switzerland. Curiously, from the Ascona-Locarno region, and more specifically from Cardada-Cimetta, it is possible to see both the lowest and highest points in Switzerland at the same time (Punta Dufour, at 4,633 metres above sea level). Of the 212km2 of the lake’s surface, almost a fifth is located in Switzerland. Many towns and villages overlook it on both sides: Brissago, Ronco sopra Ascona, Locarno, Muralto, Minusio, Tenero-Contra, Magadino, Gambarogno, Vira, San Nazzaro, Gerra, Ronco, Caviano and Dirinella.

Lake Maggiore’s islands and botanical parks: the unique climate that distinguishes Lake Maggiore, with as many as 2,300 hours of sunshine a year, the 11 islands that emerge from its waters, and the historical value of the buildings along its shores make it a tourist destination of exceptional beauty. The ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday under the Ticino sun, captivated by views of the lake lined with palm trees and embraced by the mountains.

The region’s climate, favoured by the presence of Lake Maggiore, allows for the growth of typically Mediterranean plants. Its surface is dotted with verdant islands such as the Brissago Islands, home to the only botanical park in Switzerland on an island. The garden on the Island of San Pancrazio is home to plant species from every corner of the world. The climate is also perfect for enjoying a whole series of water sports. Two winds mainly blow across the surface of Lake Maggiore: the Tramontana in the morning, which blows from the mountains to the plain, and the Inverna, which blows from the plain to the mountains in the afternoon. These conditions make the lake the perfect place to indulge in sports such as sailing and windsurfing, very popular in the Ascona-Locarno region.

Swimming in Lake Maggiore: thanks to the area’s Mediterranean climate, it is possible to dive into and swim in Lake Maggiore from the start of summer. Temperatures rise early in this sun-kissed region and towns along the shore are known for their light sandy beaches and well-equipped swimming areas.

These include the Locarno Lido, famous for its waterslides inspired by the inlets of Lake Maggiore and for having the first Looping in Switzerland. Ideal for spending a day with the family. More focused on relaxation, the Ascona Lido boasts 40,000 m2 of parkland and is one of the largest beaches in Switzerland. It’s the perfect spot to bask in the sun all day and enjoy an aperitivo at sunset with friends. For those looking for somewhere quieter, all you have to do is choose from Lake Maggiore’s many lidos and beaches.

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