Capretto ticinese (Ticino-style kid) - The recipe



  • Preheat the oven to 220 °C (static, not fan);
  • Season the kid with freshly ground salt and pepper;
  • Brown the outside over a high heat in a non-stick pan, a little at a time (do not overlap the pieces, but leave them plenty of space);
  • As the pieces of kid brown, move them to the oven in a large roaster (ideally made from enamelled cast iron), without the oil used for browning them;
  • Once all the kid has been browned, continue to cook it in the oven at 180–200 °C, turning the pieces gently from time to time, until the juices have been reduced to a glaze and the meat starts sticking to the bottom of the roaster (do not cover!);
  • Now lower the temperature to 160–180 °C, add the rosemary sprigs and small knobs of butter and pour the marsala over it all;
  • Cover with tin foil, without sealing the edges, and continue to cook until the kid is ready to eat (turn it gently from time to time);
  • If the marsala reduces the glaze, dilute it with a little water, but take care not to add too much (when it is ready the kid should only have a small amount of sauce, a sort of glaze rather than a “stew”);
  • Arrange the kid in pieces on the plate and accompany with a side of your choice.

N.B. cooking time after browning and placing in the oven: approx. 90 minutes.

A typical traditional recipe from Ticino reworked by SSSAT (Swiss Italian Tourism and Hotel Management School of Bellinzona).


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