Museum Remo Rossi


The Remo Rossi Foundation has the purpose of conserving and promoting the work of the Locarnese sculptor Remo Rossi (1909-1982). The venue is located in the artist's home, where exhibitions related to the figure of Rossi are set up, to the artistic and cultural environment in which he worked and where it is possible to consult his rich art library and archival documentation.

The exhibition “Travelling. Remo Rossi. Notes of a sculptor”, set up in 2017, was the occasion to inaugurate the headquarters of the Remo Rossi Foundation, located in Locarno in Via F. Rusca 8, in the artist's home, a residence that has been the subject of careful restoration between 2012 and 2013.

40 years after the artist's death, the Foundation wanted to highlight what was undoubtedly the greatest work accomplished by Remo Rossi, namely the construction of the atelier complex in the Saleggi di Locarno, a place of creation and comparison that became important crossroads of art and culture, thanks to the welcome on the shores of Lake Maggiore of numerous leading exponents of international art.

The study on the birth and evolution of the Rossi ateliers, as well as the reconstruction of the complex artistic and cultural interweaving that distinguished this place in the second half of the last century, conducted on the occasion of the exhibition "Remo Rossi's ateliers. A place of creation artistic and cultural exchange" (December 16, 2022-September 9, 2023) made it possible to rediscover and enhance a fundamental moment in the history of Locarno and more generally of the canton of Ticino. The time has come to bring this corner of the ancient Via dei Marmi back to life and to follow up on what was wanted by Remo Rossi: the architectural design competition by invitation procedure announced in 2022 by the Remo Rossi Foundation for the ateliers and the Rossi museum, won by the Buzzi architecture studio of Locarno, thus marks a new beginning for the Saleggi complex.

The Fondazione Remo Rossi therefore becomes part of the list of institutions and foundations that preserve the historical memories of the "artist's houses", while pursuing the intention of maintaining, enhancing and promoting the work and cultural heritage of those who lived and worked there.

The photographic exhibition currently hosted at the headquarters of the Fondazione Remo Rossi “Correspondences of images. from memory to gaze” (24 March – 28 September 2024) is conceived as a continuum of the previous exhibition. A look at the past that the Remo Rossi Foundation wants to reunite with the present, thanks to the photographic "Correspondences" between the images preserved in its archive, which show Remo Rossi at work in his laboratory, and new photographs that testify to the current situation of desolate abandonment of laboratories, following the violent hailstorm at the end of August 2023, taken by photographer Roberto Pellegrini in February 2024.