Relive the ancient grottos


Itinerary to discover Cevio's grottos and local flavours

In the enchanting square of Cevio, the main town in Vallemaggia just 25 km from Locarno, you will find the Val Magìa shop. We passionately promote the flavours produced by our trusted local producers on the alp during the summer and then back in the valley during the rest of the year, in particular the cheeses produced in the wonderful alpine pastures of our valley. It is a meeting point for locals and tourists alike, where they will also find an infopoint area to find out about the activities and trails in the area.

Book your picnic or basket with local products, collect it in the shop and explore a part of the area that has remained suspended in time by following the "Cevio and the grotti" stone path. In Cevio Vecchio, stroll like an archaeologist among the ravines of a prehistoric landslide and discover around sixty ancient, unaltered, ventilated cellars. Find your own ancient stone table and enjoy the flavours of the valley, you will be helping to revive an authentic local tradition.

Available from May to October, booking required the day before.

The basic basket includes: Gazzosa, 1 salami, 2 buns, mustard tasting, 1 small piece of cheese, 1 voucher for a coffee in one of the Cevio’s Restaurants, all delivered in a practical paper bag.

“Wicker basket” variant: Gazzosa, 1 salami, 2 sandwiches, mustard tasting, 1 small piece of cheese, 1 voucher for a coffee in the Cevio restaurants, all delivered in an elegant wicker basket (with a deposit of 20 fr.). If the shop is already closed, the basket must be left in one of the Restaurants indicated on the back of the voucher for a coffee where the deposit of 20 fr will be returned.

Price: from 20 fr.

Optional products on request (extra charge): Locally produced wine, craft beers, cheese and alpine products, cookies and other delights

Guided tours: Paid service by reservation in agreement with Cevio's Museum

Responsibility: Cevio's grotti have retained their original appearance. The stairs leading to the cellars are often uneven and unprotected. The Val Magìa Association urges caution and declines all responsibility.


  • Cheese
  • Cold cuts
  • Specialties