The Cavigliano wine press


In addition to those of Sessa, Cevio and Sonvico, the Cavigliano wine press is among the oldest in the canton. Housed in a rustic building on the village square, this communal wine press is distinctive thanks to its size (the main beam measures almost 10 metres with an average cross-section of 1 metre) and is in excellent condition. It is thought to be extremely old but documentation of its origins has yet to be discovered; the date of 1609 carved into it may refer to the year of construction or to the year of a particularly comprehensive repair. The wine press, of the lever type also referred to as “Piedmontese”, pressed only grapes skins and was in operation until after the war. Its construction undoubtedly required the work of skilled artisans: in fact, despite its size, it was used for both large and much smaller quantities.

If you are interested, ask for the key at the municipal office (Tel. +41 (0)91 796 12 06).