A sunny spot for all tastes

Light clothing, sandals, sunglasses and tropical fruit snacks: summer has definitely arrived on Lake Maggiore. If you're already imagining yourself sipping an ice-cold drink by the pool in your swimming costume, but don't want to wander around looking for the right place to enjoy your holiday in the sun, we have a few suggestions for you. 

  • The special feature of Lake Maggiore is that it is accessible practically everywhere

  • There are an incredible number of beaches, lidos and bathing spots along the lakeshore. Some are accessible free of charge, others require a fee - but all are beautiful. In the Ascona-Locarno region there is literally a lido for every taste and a place in the sun for everyone. Whether it's secluded, uncrowded beaches, popular family resorts or water sports areas on the lake, you'll find the right place for you.

  • The surrounding woods are rich in flora, fauna and legends. Walking amongst larch, spruce, alder and hazelnut, you may well encounter the Weltu, the little friendly denizens of the woods with inverted feet, who watch over the cattle of the inhabitants at times of high snow or bad weather.

If you are travelling with the family, perhaps with still young children, the larger lidos are probably the best choice. Lido Brissago, Lido Locarno, Lido Tenero and Lido Ascona are equipped with areas for children, water slides and children's pools and have nearby parking facilities. In some cases, children under 3 or 6 years of age do not pay admission. Among the lidos with free entry, Ascona's public lido has a nice playground for children.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a beach for you and your friends, the public bathing area in Tenero is the ideal place to lie in the sun and have a drink. Here the sunset is truly stunning. Other beaches popular with young people for their "hip" atmosphere are Shaka Beach in Vira Gambarogno (where there is one of the Swing the World swings), the public lido in San Nazzaro and Crodolo Palm Beach in Ronco sopra Ascona. 

Perfect corners for sports enthusiasts are Lake View Locarno and the public lido in Magadino. But many lidos are simply suitable for all tastes or a surprise to be discovered, such as the one in Gerra Gambarogno.

For some, summer conjures up images of lidos, music, aperitifs, water balloon battles on the lawn, swimming pools and monumental sandcastles made with just a shovel and bucket. For nature lovers, it is more like white rocks warmed by the sun, a picnic by the water in a little-visited corner and the subtle shiver of the skin on contact with the cold river water. Bathing in the river immediately gives you the feeling of summer. Lying on the huge sun-kissed rocks, dipping your legs in the crystal clear water and having relaxed conversations.

Bathing by the river is one of the most popular activities for young people to enjoy together. In the region of Lake Maggiore, the numerous valleys hide beautiful rivers. The areas of Lavertezzo and Brione Verzasca, along the emerald waters of the Verzasca, are among the most popular for their enchanting scenery. The gorges of the Maggia in Ponte Brolla are also spectacular. Pozzo di Tegna, with its beach and white rocks, is one of the most popular bathing spots along the Maggia river. The pebble beach of Avegno is a rather quiet spot, but if you venture into the side valleys of the Vallemaggia and Verzasca valley, you will find many hidden gems.

Although the experience of swimming in a river is incredibly fun in summer, you have to be very careful. Rivers hold great dangers for even the most experienced swimmers. Strong currents, hidden whirlpools, waterfalls and slippery rocks should not be underestimated.

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