Wintertime at Lake Maggiore

A sun-kissed region with so much to see and do! While Lake Maggiore in winter basks in mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine, skiers can indulge in their favourite pastime in the valleys.

Strolling along the lake, enjoying delightful views of white peaks over lunch, listening to the sound of the waves and soaking up the sun – this is winter in Ascona-Locarno. Also part of the experience: snow-covered landscapes, snow glistening on the slopes, and ordering a warming bombardino at a snow bar.

What an amazing combination! Where else can you ski in the morning and relax on a sundeck by the lake in the afternoon with coffee and cake? While skiers have fun up on the slopes, those for whom winter holds no great charms can steer clear of the cold, or at least the snow, by keeping to the lower altitudes and enjoying the mildness of Ascona or Locarno. There's certainly enough to do! Strolling around the town, plus museums, spas, bars, cinema; after all, Locarno is a famous film venue. Whatever winter type you are and whatever you decide, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the "slightly different winter" on Lake Maggiore and indulge in the Mediterranean charm – because it's here all year round! 

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