Experience Ascona-Locarno on snowshoes

The snow crystals dance in the sun and the snow-covered trees glisten. With snowshoes on your feet, wonderful places in nature can also be discovered in winter. In the Ascona-Locarno region you will find official trails to have fun in the deep snow without disturbing the wildlife and nature.

Experience Ascona-Locarno on snowshoes
  • Landscapes covered in deep snow make you want to go on an adventure out in nature

  • Glide over the white treasure with your snowshoes and immerse yourself in the fairytale winter world. The valleys of the Ascona-Locarno region and the mountains surrounding Lake Maggiore are powdered white in winter and transform the landscape into a dreamy winter fairytale world.

  • Snow crystals glisten in the sun and the cold creates ice flowers on the snow. Trudge through the powdery snow on snowshoes and discover new corners of the region. Ideal for spending sunny winter days in the fresh air, being active and enjoying nature. There are currently four official snowshoe trails to explore.

Two of them are in Bosco Gurin, the highest village in Ticino. The Ferder and Bosco Gurin trail. The Walser village enchants with its charm and the legends that are very present here. In winter, it is a popular winter sports resort, thanks to its altitude (1504 m a.s.l.) and favourable geographical position, Bosco Gurin is quite a snow-sure place. Perfect for an exciting snowshoe tour through landscapes covered in deep snow.

Not far away, also in the Rovana Valley, is the Campo Vallemaggia trail. The little houses of the pretty village look like mushrooms sticking out of the snow because of the high snow on the roofs. Scenically, it is a very exciting, sunny and varied tour that leads through the sparse forest and offers beautiful views of the village of Cimalmotto and the surrounding mountains.

Cardada Cimetta, Locarno's local mountain, is the perfect destination for an excursion into nature near the city. Reachable by cable car in just a few minutes, here you have the unique opportunity to trudge through the fresh snow while enjoying the panorama of Lake Maggiore. At over 5 km, it is the longest of the four tours. There are, however, plenty of opportunities to get a bite to eat in a restaurant or warm up with a delicious cappuccino.

  • Snowshoeing has become more and more popular in recent years

  • However, for the excursion to be a memorable experience, a few rules should be observed. From choosing the right equipment to assessing its performance as well as the avalanche and weather situation.

  • It is important to follow the markings of the official tours and thus respect wildlife rest zones.

The origin of snowshoes goes back to the time before Christ. Almost all northern indigenous peoples had snowshoes to move forward on the snow without sinking in. There were no limits to creativity. Leather surfaces, wooden shutters or woven plates were the most common methods. Even today, you can still find a wide range of different models. Expensive high-tech models or somewhat cheaper variants can be bought in every conceivable colour. Modern snowshoes are usually made of hard plastic, have a binding (strap), hard claws and a climbing aid, and are a lot smaller than previous models. Snowshoeing is suitable for every age group and every sporting level. The only thing that matters is optimal tour planning. Discover the tours of the Ascona-Locarno region and enjoy the sunny days in the south in a white winter landscape. Well then, pack your snowshoes and off you go!

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