The Colors of Ticino

Discover the Colors of Ticino

What color comes to mind when you think of Ticino? Camellia Pink or perhaps Verzasca Turquoise? Ticino, and especially the Ascona-Locarno region, is an explosion of color. Thanks to a collaboration with Ticino Turismo, exciting shades of color have been created that could not be more appropriate. Discover the colors of Ascona-Locarno and immerse yourself in the colorful world of Lake Maggiore.

Camellia Pink

Captivates with its beguiling presence. This dynamic, vivid color immediately captures everyone’s attention and attracts you to a convivial Mediterranean paradise.

A captivating plant that embellishes gardens and parks with its colors, the camellia flower has symbolised the Lake Maggiore area for years. It finds its perfect habitat here and can be enjoyed in all its glory in spring.

Brissago Blue

Awakens the desire for a relaxed time-out in the Mediterranean climate and evokes images of nature as well as the whole range of opportunities for water sports.

The crystal clear waters of Ticino are a real cure-all for your health. The deep, brilliant blue of the lakes is pure energy and a joy for the eyes and heart.

Verzasca Turquoise

Contrasts starkly thanks to its bright hue with the white stones which it elegantly snakes past. This turquoise appears both refreshing and cooling at the same time.

With a free mind, you can enjoy intense experiences. The energy of water is strong. Time just stands still and you feel supercharged.

Mogno Marble White

An international sculpture centre able to attract artists from all over the world and a Sculpture School offering a wide spectrum of courses, both located in Peccia.

Far from the lake and the busiest roads, the purity of the rock reveals itself in all its majesty. In Peccia, at the far end of the Maggia Valley, visitors to the marble quarry are left breathless, while visitors to the sculpture school are fascinated. Who are Almute and Alex?

Ticino Chestnut Brown

Chestnuts are associated with history, food, tradition and fun in Ticino. Every child has visited one of the many chestnut woods dotted throughout the canton to gather these delicious nuts that can be roasted in their shells or turned into tasty vermicelles, a delicious flour, crunchy cereal or an aromatic beer.

While tasting these products can be a real journey of discovery, learning about how they are made is also full of surprises.

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