A festive and traditional end to the summer

When autumn starts creeping in, Ascona-Locarno transforms into a rainbow of colours. It’s not only the trees that change colours, the autumn breeze also breathes life into local traditions and village festivals. Traditions are extremely important and are still celebrated and adhered to today. For foodies and nature lovers, autumn is the best time of year.

  • Autumn prolongs the summer

  • Autumn on Lake Maggiore is a fragrant time of year, brimming with sunshine and a feeling of all-encompassing warmness, pleasantly prolonging the summer. The lovely warm days provide the best conditions for exploring the region on foot or on two wheels and for enjoying clear panoramic views. Alternatively, you can spend this time strolling through the local villages or along the shores of the lake before enjoying a delicious cappuccino on a sun terrace.

The influence of different of cultures means that the region plays host to a wide variety of traditions. There is, however, one thing that most of these traditions have in common – they focus primarily on food and drink, such as wine. In autumn, the grapes are ripe and the sweet berries are picked, with both being used to make sophisticated wine. Traditions are also found on the plates, creating veritable explosions of flavours. Discover the culinary diversity that autumn offers on Lake Maggiore. A piece of history prepared with love and passion from local products in the restaurants of the region.

  • The taste of autumn

  • The countryside is a huge garden in which all of the ingredients needed to create a delicious dish can be found and picked. During the Autunno Gastronomico, the “Grotti” (traditional restaurants) and restaurants of the region conjure up the ingredients used to create hearty specialities from local products, such as mushrooms, game, chestnut gnocchi and polenta. And these are, of course, served with a healthy drop of Merlot wine.

The Capra Nera di Verzasca (black goat from Verzasca) is not just a symbol of the Valle Verzasca but is also an important source of nutrition. For this reason, the gastronomic goat meat festival takes place every year. Something that you should definitely try is Cicitt – a genuine traditional product that is only produced in Vallemaggia and Valle Verzasca. This is a long, fatty goat sausage that is made for roasting.

Farina Bóna from the Valle Onsernone can be used to make a number of fantastic dishes. The “good flour” is made from corn, adds a sophisticated touch to dishes and provides notes of autumn.

The chestnut is also typical of autumn and can be found in all its variations. The chestnut festivals are one of the autumn traditions on Lake Maggiore. The "Maronatt" (chestnut sellers) skillfully wave the hot sweet chestnuts on the fire in large pans.

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