Ticino Film Commission

Looking for a suitable location for your next film or commercial? The Ticino Film Commission is your expert local partner. It knows the best spots in Ticino and offers a variety of useful services. What can you expect from the Ticino Film Commission?

Ticino Film Commission

The Ticino Film Commission (TFC) is a non-profit foundation created in 2014 with the aim of assisting national and international audiovisual productions, creating jobs for professionals in the field, enhancing the value of Ticino as a tourist destination and promoting the production of Ticino films.

Ticino is the ideal place for a film commission, so it’s hardly surprising that the TFC in Locarno is headquartered right next to the Piazza Grande, the most spectacular open-air cinema in Europe and venue of the annual Locarno Film Festival. Ticino is not only where films are projected on the big screen – it’s also where major projects are realised. James Bond’s jump from the 200-plus metre Verzasca dam in the film GoldenEye remains legendary.

More recently, TFC had a hand in the realisation of the film Monte Verità in the Ascona-Locarno region, due for release in 2021. The popular German film Die Schwarzen Brüder and Beldona’s 2021 summer campaign were also made in the Lake Maggiore region in cooperation with the TFC.

But what is it that makes Ticino so attractive for cineastes?


Its diversity! Nowhere else in Switzerland will you find such variety of landscapes in such a small area, ranging from palm trees by the lake to lush flower meadows and snow-covered peaks and glaciers. Not forgetting the Mediterranean architectural style around the lake featuring winding alleys and lakeside promenades, the grandiose villas on the slopes above Locarno and Ascona, and the traditional stone rustici in the valleys. Moreover, the Lake Maggiore region is home to many traditions, villages reminiscent of times long past and facilities boasting the latest technology. The perfect destination, then, for all kinds of production.

The core mission of the TFC is to provide services of use to a production. One of these services is location scouting: identifying potential filming locations. It’s hard for outsiders to know where to look, which is where the TFC, with its inside knowledge, comes in useful.

Do you have a house, barn, garden or anything else that would make a great location? Or perhaps you know of a hidden place that has what it takes to become a film star? If so, let the TFC know, as every tip is welcome. The TFC also offers services other than location scouting: it can help find specialists such as technicians, actors and professional extras, and arrange the provision of accommodation and catering. It advises on the obtaining of permits. The TFC also has a budget for providing cinematographic works with financial support.

Sustainability and regionality are important aspects of the TFC’s mission: it encourages the inclusion of local products on location and the use of environmentally friendly materials and ways of working. It also strives to use service providers and caterers from the region wherever possible.

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