How to have an unforgettable #LocarnoExperience

The centre of the Locarno Film Festival are big stars and memorable evenings. But away from the big screen, interviews and red carpet, there’s a whole world waiting to be explored. Find out how to make your experience at the festival even more unique and special.

Locarno Film Festival: how to have an unforgettable #LocarnoExperience
  • Do you want to try the #LocarnoExperience?

  • It’s a beautiful day and it could not have got off to a better start: a cappuccino and a croissant on a welcoming sunny terrace where you can bask in total relaxation under the gentle rays of the morning sun.

  • Now the day can really begin. The first film of the day is being screened at one of the cinemas. After that, with your programme in hand, it couldn’t be easier to find one (or two, or three...) of the interesting round tables being held in the town. The morning will pass in a flash and it will soon be time to start planning the rest of your day. If you really want to throw yourself headlong into Ticino’s traditions, our advice is to spend the afternoon exploring the region’s breathtaking valleys. You’ll be back in time for the evening screening in Piazza Grande, we promise!

Secrets of the valleys: Vallemaggia, Valle Verzasca, Centovalli and Valle Onsernone are all teeming with enchanting spots full of character.

Each one has its own unique features and lots of things to discover, so pull on your backpack and let's set off on an adventure, but first of all it’s time to fill up on a lovely traditional lunch: risotto, polenta, luganighetta and how about a couple of ribs, all washed down with a lovely glass of Merlot? And for dessert, a slice of torta di pane accompanied by a nice coffee. Yum! After banqueting as Ticino demands, treat yourself to a walk: the region is packed full of hiking trails for all tastes, as well as attractions of all kinds. Have you ever taken a trip side-by-side with a llama? Now could be just the time to try! Or you could always opt for a game of cards on the stone tables of the grotto, in Ascona-Locarno even sitting down sports are allowed!

Il percorso museale
  • A dip in the lake

  • In Locarno the key word is to take it easy (are we or are we not the real Dolce Vita experts?), so if you feel like a less adventurous day, you can have lunch in town and take a beautiful shaded walk along the lakeside.

The sky is a clear blue and the sun’s rays at their most stunning as they reflect on the water, creating plays of light that transform the lake into a precious expanse of diamonds. The weather is really tempting, perhaps between one film and the next you could take advantage of it and cool off with a nice swim in the lake or an artisan ice cream among the characteristic alleyways and shops of the Old Town, Locarno’s historical centre. The Castello Visconteo, now home to the civic archaeology museum, is a historical and architectural gem that also boasts a position close to the Rotonda, the festival’s most important meeting point. Between a chat and an aperitive it’s soon evening: quick, it’s time for the evening screening in Piazza Grande!

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