Pardy’s new game: Pardy and the mystery of the hidden chestnuts!

We’re on the lookout for brave explorers. Do you fit the bill?

Something’s gone on over in the chestnut woods and Pardy's going to have to give up his afternoon nap to take on the role of detective. But he won’t be able to solve the mystery on his own. He’s going to need the help of his animal friends and, most importantly, a team of brave budding explorers. Do you want to give Pardy a helping hand and set off on an adventure in search of the hidden chestnuts? Solve riddles, unearth the region’s secrets and track down the lost chestnuts: let the hunt begin!

Play with Pardy: Pardy and the mistery of the hidden chestnuts

Do you want to join Pardy on this adventure?

NEW – from 6 May 2024
Go to the nearest Infopoint and pick up your explorers’ kit. Let’s go!

How does it work?

Pardy and the mystery of the hidden chestnuts is a family game similar to a treasure hunt, which you can play in four locations (Ascona, Locarno, Tenero and Intragna). To play, all you need is an explorers’ kit (one per family) from one of the Ascona-Locarno Tourism Infopoints.

The kit costs 25 CHF and contains the explorers’ book with the story of the game, seven tools to help you solve the riddles, a Morse code cracker and a chestnut hunting map for each location. Each chestnut hunt is a game in itself that is linked to the others by the story. They can be solved in any oder and without a time limit.


Recommended age of the children?
Pardy and the mystery of the hidden chestnuts is a team game for the whole family. Everyone can take part! The clues and challenges have been designed for children, from roughly five to twelve years old.

How much does it cost?
To play you need to buy the explorers’ kit, which contains the explorers’ book with the story of the game, seven tools to help you solve the riddles, a Morse code cracker and a chestnut hunting map for each location. The kit costs 25 CHF and only needs to be purchased once. One per family is enough.

Where can we buy the kit to play?
The explorers’ kits are on sale at the Ascona-Locarno Tourism Infopoints (Ascona, Locarno, Tenero, Avegno, Brissago and Vira Gambarogno), as well as at the regional Centovalli and Pedemonte Museum in Intragna.

Do I have to follow the chestnut treasure hunts in a particular order?
No, you don’t necessarily have to follow the order in which the locations are presented in the explorers’ book. Start with the location you prefer and carry on in the order that suits you best. The most important thing is that you find them all because, as well as getting to the end of the story, you’ll unlock a special prize!

We’re only here for a few days, so we won’t be able to get to the end of the game.  Is that a problem?
Definitely not. You can start looking for the chestnuts and continue with the other locations the next time you come to the region. Even if the final goal is to find all the chestnuts, each location is a game in itself that is only linked to the others by the story.

Where does the game take place and where do the adventures start exactly?
The game takes place in four locations across the region:

  • Intragna – start: Centovalli Railway station
  • Ascona – start: Via Borgo
  • Locarno – start: Piazza Grande
  • Tenero – start: Infopoint Ascona-Locarno Turismo

What is the best way to get to the various locations?
All the locations can be reached easily by public transport.

How long will the treasure hunts last in the different locations?

  • Intragna approx. 1.5 hours
  • Ascona approx. 1.5 hours
  • Locarno approx. 2.5 hours
  • Tenero approx. 3 hours

How far will we have to walk?

  • Intragna about 1.2 km
  • Ascona about 2 km
  • Locarno about 5 km
  • Tenero about 6 km

None of the walks are particularly challenging.

Are they accessible with a pushchair?
Intragna and Locarno, no. Ascona and Tenero, yes. In Tenero, a section of the route is on a flat dirt path, so we recommend a pushchair with sturdy wheels.

Are the paths wheelchair accessible?
None of the four chestnut hunts are wheelchair accessible.

Can you do it in groups?
The game has been designed for families, so it is ideal for small groups of up to 5-7 people. For larger or school groups, you will need to assess the ages of the children because each group may need to be accompanied by an adult. Some parts of the game take place in non-pedestrian areas and you need to be able to read a map and use all the gadgets in the explorers’ kit (a compass, for example). If there is more than one group, we recommend leaving gaps of about 15-20 minutes between each group to avoid them catching up with each other along the route.

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