Places of power in Ticino

Some places on our planet make us feel more alive, more in harmony with everything. Nature is home to impressive waterfalls, soothing springs, ancient trees, mystical stones, hills of worship, mountain lakes and high peaks but also in the cities you can find some energetic places: Romanesque churches, Gothic cathedrals, silent monasteries and beautiful squares are a few examples.

Places of power in Ticino

In the presence of centuries-old trees, impressive rock faces or the gurgling sound of waterfalls kissed by the rainbow, both body and soul find a deep balance, tensions dissolve and the mind finds peace. Man has always sought the source of energy and the potential of these special places, places to pause to draw strength and vitality and achieve a state of serenity of mind.

The measurements taken in these energising places sometimes reveal a magnetism, a natural radioactivity and above average cosmo-telluric frequencies. Above all, however, these places have a characteristic inherent energy: the name “Places of Power” comes from the Native American language and refers to those places that are suitable for rituals, contemplation and healing. All the ancient cultures had their places of power. Today we can rediscover them.

Thanks to the energy routes, these ancient places of contemplation, jewels of natural beauty and spiritual intensity, hidden in nature or in cities, become part of a path of well-being and harmony between mind, body and nature. Feeling small before the majestic works of nature and man of the past and present, recharge the batteries surrounded by breathtaking landscapes: on the power routes, emotions intensify step by step, the body regenerates and the mind finds peace. In perfect harmony.

We would like to thank Claudio Andretta for his greatly appreciated assistance in the creation of content relating to the topic of energising places. For further information we recommend visiting the website and reading the book “Luoghi energetici in Ticino” (available in Italian and German), which can be purchased in bookshops or online directly from the publishers Casagrande e AT Verlag.

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