Autumn at Lake Maggiore

Enjoy your autumn holidays on the lake or in one of our traditional valleys, kissed by the sun and delighted by our gastronomical specialties.

The end of summer is the perfect period to enjoy one’s holidays. The mild climate, the golden leaves, the woods and mountains all contribute to making the Lake Maggiore region even more fascinating. The chestnut – the local autumn fruit par excellence – reigns on many dining tables and is the star of highly appreciated food fairs and village festivals. Autumn, however, is not only a synonym of good food. Hiking can be enjoyed in its full splendor; electric bike and mountain bike tours, wellness centers and cultural activities can furthermore be appreciated in this period.

In Ticino, autumn means breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and centuries-old culinary traditions. Braised meats, stews and game are all on the menu of the canton's grottoes, not to mention polenta, cooked the old fashioned way over an open fire, a comforting treat for the palate and soul.


It's the season of chestnuts, game and goat meat, mushrooms, farina bóna (maize meal from the Onsernone Valley) and, of course, the grape harvest and wine. The taste of autumn is rich and varied: discover typical local ingredients re-interpreted with flair by the region's chefs, or immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of festivals offering an authentic slice of the canton's culinary heritage.

The end of the summer is also the perfect time for exploring the region's trail-running paths, official MTB tracks and 1400 km of hiking trails. With vibrant colours, pristine nature, and summery but not stifling temperatures, you'll see that it doesn't take much to feel relaxed and carefree. All set against a stunning backdrop of mountain peaks and crystal-clear horizons...

Autumn days have a different rhythm. You can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love: hunting for pirate treasure, enjoying a bite beside the lake or taking a Sunday stroll.

We love autumn for so many different reasons. Some love a sweet treat and a hot chocolate. Some love to dress up. Others just love eating. But there's no doubt that autumn is the most relaxing season of all: there's no pressure to live it up, your evenings aren't packed full of events and you can spend time doing what makes you feel good: running in the balmy mountain air; savouring life at village festivals; admiring enchanting fairy-tale forests; tasting local wines or wandering cities and watching the world go by.

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