Countless waterfalls adorn the landscape around Lake Maggiore and the rumbling and roaring fills the valleys with a peaceful sound. Waterfalls are not only impressive and full of energy; water also gives life and lets nature shine.

Cascata di Riveo

Copious amounts of water cascading into the depths to form wonderfully imposing waterfalls and creating magical 'places of power'. Popular for their energy, tranquillity and swimming in the pools. Either way, just the place for keeping cool and immersing yourself in nature. The valleys of the Ascona-Locarno region are rich in waterfalls of all sizes – including those that only appear after a downpour…

Cascata di Foroglio

Vallemaggia Waterfalls: the most famous waterfall in the region, and certainly in the Maggia Valley, is the Foroglio waterfall in Val Bavona. This waterfall - with its 110 metres - is one of the most spectacular in Ticino. Departing from the picturesque village of Foroglio, a leisurely ten-minute walk will take you to the bottom of this roaring display of nature. It is a perfect place to rest, relax and replenish your energy. A true source of energy with an incredible backdrop.

Near the waterfall there is also the Grotto Froda, a traditional Ticino Grotto. Another impressive waterfall is the Cascata del Salto in Maggia. This wide waterfall is 60 metres high and ends in a large pool that is great for a refreshing swim. Only two bus stops further down the road lies Giumaglio, where there is a beautiful hidden waterfall with a large pool.

In Riveo, not one but two magnificent waterfalls await you. The Soladino waterfall emerges from two caves at different altitudes, the Sponde waterfall descends towards the valley in three layers, feeding a little lake at the bottom. The Cascata della Crosa, with its 129 meters, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the valley. But like all treasures, to get there you have to work hard, the waterfall is a 90-minute hike away from Piano di Peccia (T2 mountain hike).

Verzasca Valley Waterfalls: the waterfalls of this area are truly impressive natural spectacles Like the Cascata Froda della Val di Mött, which is located in the Valley of the Falls. Before you reach the well-hidden waterfall, you can rest and take a refreshing dip in a wonderful “pozzo” (natural pool) along the way. At the very end of the Verzasca Valley, behind the village of Sonogno, you will find the Cascata Froda di Sonogno. A well-prepared footpath will take you there in around 25 minutes. On your way back, consider visiting the nearby Grotto Efra for some delectable Ticino treats.

Onsernone Valley Waterfall: at 13 metres, the waterfall of Vergeletto may not be the highest in the region, but that does not make it any less beautiful. It is nestled into the forest a little beneath street level, which makes it easy to miss. Nimble-footed hikers can stop for a refreshing dip into the little pool at the bottom of the waterfall.

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