The beauty of Lago Mognola

The Lago Mognola mountain lake is located at 2,003 m, set in the fascinating mountain world of the Lavizzara. It is surrounded by the grey giants Pizzo Campo Tencia (the highest mountain that stands entirely on Ticino soil at 3,071 m), Pizzo Crozlina and Pizzo Rüscada, to name just a few. A place shaped by history, for relaxing, experiencing adventures and enjoying the peace of nature, as well as a starting point for long mountain tours.

  • Mountain lakes have a very special magic

  • They appear out of nowhere and are captivating in shades of deep blue or jade green. Lago Mognola is located above Fusio, the last village in the Lavizzara Valley. Fusio is a real gem and a tour before or after the hike is a must. A beautiful hike leads to the lake, the ideal destination for a day out in nature. 

By bus (315 towards Cavergno) to Bignasco and by PostBus to Fusio. Alternatively, you can also travel by car, which gives you the opportunity to visit one or other of the sights of interest on the way, such as the church in Mogno, which was built based on a project by the Ticino architect Mario Botta.  The adventure can now begin. Lace up your hiking boots, strap up your backpack and follow the signs towards Lago Mognola. The ascent is long and sometimes very steep. However, the red-white-red marked mountain trail is always easy to walk on. You reach the Corte Mognola, site of the Cascina della Memoria, via a larch forest. This is a small hut that tells the story of this alp through photos, artefacts and information boards.

The final 200 meters’ altitude get your legs moving again, but the fantastic landscape that you find up here invites you to take a short breather and some breaks. After a good two-hour walk up on the plateau, you suddenly find yourself in front of this beautiful, deep-blue mountain lake, with its illusion of millions of diamonds sparkling in the sunshine and reflections of the surrounding mountains. In this alpine landscape, it is not difficult to find peace and simply enjoy the moment. On a hot day you might even dare to take a refreshing dip.

  • Idyllic and never dull!

  • Despite its seclusion, Lago Mognola offers plenty of activities. For example, the mountain lake is a popular destination for fishermen, and climbing enthusiasts will also enjoy Mognola Rock Climbing. The crag consists of nine sectors with routes of different levels of difficulty. Lago Mognola is the starting point for climbers to scale the surrounding peaks. But above all it is an untouched spot for everyone in the heart of nature.

After a break in this enchanting place, it is time to descend. From the Corte della Sassina, a few minutes’ walk above the lake, a wonderful panorama opens up over the Lago del Sambuco reservoir, which can be reached from Fusio on foot or by car. The descent towards Vacarisc is not only very interesting in terms of landscape, but also historically - because, even in the past, necessity was the mother of invention. The path leads along a water channel, the so-called “Acquedotto Canà”. This is an ingenious system, skilfully crafted in ancient times, for collecting water in the overhanging natural amphitheatre of Alp Canà and transporting it to the dry pastures below

The aqueduct is 447 m long and the difference in height at the diversion and the final height is 27 m. A little concentration is required on the steep descent to Vacarisc so that you do not risk slipping on the root-covered mountain path. The Alpe di Vacarisc is full of cattle during the summer months and is managed by Lino and Lorena Tocalli and their children. Traditional alpine farming was still practised here up to 2021: milking by hand, transportation of the milk by mules, transhumance from pasture to pasture by people and animals, and all the utensils necessary for cheese production. If you like cheese, you should definitely stop in Vacarisc and buy a piece of this alpine variety. 

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