Incredible panoramic views: Onsernone Valley & Lake Maggiore

This trail takes you through thick forests and magnificent rural villages to where two ancient continents once came together. Expect breath-taking views with every step you take.

Incredible panoramic views: Onsernone Valley & Lake Maggiore

D1 - Comologno & Monte Comino

First thing: don’t forget your camera if you are a keen photographer. You will have so many chances to test your artistic skills. This excursion covers a lot of miles and so requires some effort. However, there is no need to worry: you can avoid an arduous climb by taking a couple of cable cars.

Starting from Comologno, easily reached by postbus, follow the signs to Pizzo Ruscada. The trail takes you across the marvellous Onsernone Forest Reserve. On reaching close to the top, turn eastwards and start following the path along the wonderful ridge separating the Onsernone and Centovalli valleys. The panoramic views here are truly spectacular. Stop to rest at the pretty Corte Nuovo mountain hut (book in advance: you need a code to access the key) or continue along the trail to Monte Comino, a fantastic mountain plain (roughly 1200 metres above sea level) overlooking Verdasio. Here another hut provides food and shelter. Allow about 6 hours hiking in total. To reach Rasa, a village on the edge of the mountain, first take the cable car from Monte Comino down to Verdasio and then the one from Verdasio up to Rasa. Nothing could be easier. Always check the departure times first and plan your overnight stay with care. Spend the night in the Corte Nuovo refuge, in the hut on Monte Comino or in Rasa: the choice is yours.

D2 - Rasa & Ronco sopra Ascona

The next day of your excursion takes you to Pizzo Leone before descending the Alpe di Naccio and arriving to Corona dei Pinci.

Throughout the day you are accompanied by amazing views of Lake Maggiore. A curious thing worth knowing: you will be walking in the area where two ancient continents collided millions of years ago, giving rise (literally) to the mountains around you. You can then descend towards Porto Ronco (about 5 hours) or, alternatively, towards Arcegno. Again, this is not a particularly hard route, but you should wear proper boots and carry a plentiful supply of water.

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