Augusto Marchi: Indian Lugano

Interview with the president of Indian Motorcycle Riders Group Lugano

Augusto Marchi: Indian Lugano
  • What does traveling with your motorbike feel like to you?

  • Answering with “a feeling of freedom” is a bit clichéd. However, it’s true that the curves and views are deeply inebriating. Although I’m focused on the road, this is a form of mental freedom that somehow can’t be beaten.

What’s your favorite tour in Ticino? And your favorite pit stops?

I love the Lavizzara Valley for its wild nature; especially the road stretch along the banks of Lake Sambuco. I love to stop on an Alpine pass or in a valley, sit on a field and breathe in the peace that only the sound of a cow’s bell can instill.

  • How important is friendship/brotherhood among bikers?

  • I don’t like the word “brotherhood”! I prefer talking about the friendship, or better the reciprocal respect that exists among bikers. Nowadays, unfortunately, it has become more and more rare: be it because riding a motorbike is more of a fashion than a (real) passion for adventure or because of individualism.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Yes, two things about safety 1) Bikers (be it men or women) should not ride in bermuda shorts and flip flops; if they take their kids along they should have the decency of buying them an appropriate attire. 2) I would also like to invite those who are in charge of “safe roads” to take their task seriously. Spend a few minutes talking to a biker, it’s worth it, believe me.

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