Sonogno is the last village in the Verzasca Valley, a little paradise to explore on foot or by bike. Find out how to get to Sonogno, what there is to see nearby and where to eat: If you are looking for a restaurant or a grotto in Sonogno, there are several.

  • Stone houses

  • Sonogno is a typical Ticino village with a beautifully preserved centre.

  • Le case in sasso coi piccoli giardini decorati di fiori, le strade acciottolate e la caratteristica piazza del paese conferiscono a Sonogno fascino e tranquillità. In più, i bar, i ristoranti e i grotti di Sonogno offrono ristoro dopo una passeggiata.

How to get there: In the Verzasca Valley, and especially in high season, public transport is the best means of transport. Sonogno is easily reached by PostBus 321 from Locarno railway station. 

What to do: A visit to the village centre, with the House of Wool (Casa della lana) and the Museum of the Verzasca Valley, is certainly recommended. Near Sonogno there is a beautiful waterfall, the Cascata della Froda, which can be reached after a short walk. From May to October, a small market with local products is held in the square. If you want to take a break in a grotto or restaurant in Sonogno, the choice is yours. Sonogno is also the starting point for many hikes, such as those to Val Redorta.

Sonogno est également un point de départ idéal pour de nombreuses randonnées. Si vous voulez explorer le Val Verzasca à vélo, vous pouvez charger votre petite reine sur le CarPostal à la gare de Locarno et descendre à l’arrêt Brione Verzasca, Piee du CarPostal de Sonogno et ensuite prendre l’itineraire de VTT Alta Verzasca Bike qui mène à Sonogno. Vous pouvez aussi louer le vélo à Sonogno et faire le parcours à l’envers. Ce parcours et adapté à tous niveaux et longe la rivière Verzasca.

Arrival is in Sonogno, where we recommend a visit to the Museum of the Verzasca Valley, which houses many everyday objects from the valley's past and recounts its history and traditions, such as transhumance. At the nearby Casa della Lana (House of Wool), you can watch artisans work sheep's wool into jumpers, jackets, scarves and much more. In front of the building, you can often see piles of freshly dyed wool drying in the sun.

If you want to start a short bike tour directly from Sonogno, you can rent a bike right in the village. The village is easily accessible and there are several restaurants, two grotti - the Grotto Redorta in the centre and the Grotte Efra near the Froda waterfall - and numerous places to stay. If you take the road to Val Redorta, which starts in the centre, you can reach the waterfall in a few minutes (25 on foot, 10 by bike). In winter you can skate on the ice rink in the sports centre or go cross-country skiing on the 8 km trail. 

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