Exploring Valle Verzasca

Like the Tropics

The Valle Verzasca is the holiday postcard of Ticino that you want to send to all your friends. Its river has an incredible colour, namely an intense green, and it carves its way between rock walls and gneiss. This makes it one of the most popular places for swimming and hiking. What’s more, on the path along the river, there is an ideal game for all children: a giant marble run that lets the whole family rediscover the pleasure of walking in the woods.

Exploring the Valle Verzasca

A day in Valle Verzasca: what to see

When the weather is warm, the Valle Verzasca is probably the most popular valley in the region. For a hassle-free trip, public transport is the best option. From the station in Locarno, take the PostBus number 321 towards Sonogno and get off at Brione Verzasca, Piee. This is the start of the BoBosco route, the first adventure on our trip to the Valle Verzasca. BoBosco is a game with twelve marble runs hidden in the woods along the Verzasca river. All the runs are different. Pulleys, lock systems, cableways, catapults: your wooden marble is going on a real adventure! You can stop for a picnic along the route. Once you get to Lavertezzo, it’s time for a photo stop at the Ponte dei Salti and to enjoy the beautiful landscape before heading back to Locarno. 

What about a longer trip?

Here are a few other suggestions if you have more time: 

  • Follow the fox along the trail of legends to discover the fantasy stories that permeate the valley. 
  • Explore the valley by MTB from Brione to Sonogno along the Alta Verzasca Bike trail. 
  • Stop off in Sonogno to visit Val Verzasca Museum and the House of Wool.

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