Valle Verzasca

The green heart of Ticino!

Verzasca Valley - Ponte dei salti


The Verzasca Valley is without a doubt one of the Ticino valleys, which strongly reflects the past of the alpine region to the south of the Gotthard. An idyllic place surrounded by green landscapes but still only a few minutes drive to the town centre.

The emerald green river...

... which runs in the valley is very tempting and especially appreciated in summer for its refreshing powers. You will find the most varied forms of stones in all sizes. The most courageous can treat themselves to the experience of a day rich in explosive emotions – just like James Bond – by daring to take the world's craziest jump, throwing themselves at the end of an elastic rope off the top of the Verzasca dam, which is a good 200 metres high and surrounded by the narrow rocky walls of the mouth of the Verzasca Valley. You'll never again produce so much adrenaline in one go!

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