In search of the perfect line

Lake Maggiore is a huge playground where you can let off steam all year round. The rugged rock walls and giant boulders of the Ascona-Locarno region attract large numbers of climbers and boulderers from all over the world in pursuit of their passion; they also benefit from the stunning scenery and benign climate of Switzerland’s southern canton.

  • The secret lies in the rock

  • Not only, but one of the reasons is the unique quality of the rock in the region. The exceptional lines, the sheer variety that Lake Maggiore offers and the favourable climate are some of the many reasons that make Ascona-Locarno interesting for climbers and boulderers.

There are suitable places for families, beginners and enthusiastic climbers as well as boulderers to gain their first experience in these sports or to pursue their passion. But also professional climbers and boulderers are taken with Lake Maggiore and its fantastic conditions and come here to prepare for competitions or to climb specific boulders. The bouldering areas are particularly popular in autumn and winter, as it is often too hot in the summer months. Brione, in the Verzasca Valley, is ideal for bouldering. In the Boulder Arena in Brione, you can try your hand at over 700 routes (3 to 8c+) in a beautiful landscape.

The classics of the countless possibilities for sport climbing are “Speroni di Ponte Brolla” in Ponte Brolla, “El Cat” in Brontallo or “Mognola Rock Climbing” above Fusio. For beginners, the Balladrum area near Arcegno is very popular and routes for multi-pitch climbing can be found above the village of Russo. Where it is best to climb, however, depends on the season.

  • Red Bull Dual Ascent

  • The Red Bull Dual Ascent is a unique climbing competition where 24 of the world’s best climbers compete in teams of two on the famous Verzasca dam. Two identical routes right next to each other, made up of six pitches and 180 meters of climbing.

The Lake Maggiore region is a paradise for climbers and boulderers not only due to the rock, but also because of the choice in terms of campsites, accommodation and budget. Besides, there’s nothing better than immersing your sore hands and cramped feet in a river or lake after a long day’s exertions in the heat and, drink in hand, chatting with fellow climbers about newly explored or successfully completed routes. The climbing fraternity is very open about sharing tips about the perfect line and new routes with others. These things are part of the fascination of this sport – you’re one big family and where you come from doesn’t matter, because climbers speak their very own language. There is one important rule to follow: love and respect for nature.

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